How to Pick Out the Perfect Christmas Tree

christmas tree.jpeg

Excitement is in the air when the holiday season rolls around. Joy is in the air, shoppers are getting their gifts together, and friends and family are celebrating the holidays under one roof. The “most wonderful time of the year” isn’t quite complete without one major component: the Christmas tree! Your tree can be one of many varieties, but no matter which one you choose it’ll serve as a beautiful centerpiece for your “Christmafied” home! You want your tree to be perfect. We don’t blame you! Here’s a quick little checklist to pick out the perfect Christmas tree for your home this year!

Look for the Right Size

Be prepared before you go searching for your Christmas tree. What’s our word of advice in three simple words? Measure, measure, measure! I know what you’re thinking, and yes, all three of those words may be exactly the same, but it’s the most important thing to consider. Your tree has to fit in the home, so be sure not to overshoot how tall you think your ceilings are. There’s no worse feeling than bringing home a tree that gets it top crushed by the ceiling. The tip can crack off and you won’t even be able to put on your favorite tree topper! Do your homework and measure your ceiling so you know how tall of a tree to purchase this year.

How’s the Color?

Christmas trees can come in slightly varying colors. If you’re trying to match a specific color scheme in your home, look into your color options. Most trees have that typical dark green hue but it all comes down to preference at the end of the day. This tip is just something to keep in mind.

Check for Weird Spaces in the Branches 

Not every tree is perfect. There’s going to be some symmetrical discrepancies amongst your garden center’s selection. The goal here is to look for a tree that will offer you the most pleasant view. A tree with huge gaps and spaces within the branches just doesn’t look good. Nature offers some true beauty, but sometimes there’s some hiccups. If you purchased a tree already that you fell in love with and realized it doesn’t look as good a home, don’t fret! There’s two simple fixes that could help you out here. Decorate over that little bare spot, or turn the tree away from plane sight. When you’re with the family picking out your tree, choose a tree that’s up to your Christmas standards.

Is the Tree Fresh?

This part of your checklist is like a “part two” of not every tree is perfect. This one is easy; make sure the tree is healthy. Check the branches, needles and trunk to make sure there’s no traits of browning or dryness. It’ll save you the trouble of having to deal with an unattractive tree or buying a new one.

Mental Picture of Your Decorations

Taking a mental picture of your decorations is wise before buying your Christmas tree. Sometimes a tree’s branches are exceptionally fragile. This scenario makes all of your decorations useless. Lights are one thing, but who’s going to want a tree with no pretty decorations and ornaments? Buy a tree that you think will be able to handle some weight hanging off of the branches.

Christmas Trees at Twinbrook Nursery

Come visit Twinbrook Nursery to find the special tree that’ll make your holiday season one to remember! We carry a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your holiday preferences at a reasonable price. Our garden center is located at your convenience at 706 Franklin Ave, Franklin Lakes, NJ. For more information, contact us at 201-891-1606 to learn more about our services and what we carry. Happy holidays!